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ACEAMCq's AMC Qbank AMC Recalls AMC Mocks Your Companion From Preparation to Perfection
The top #1 resource for your prep journey! Aligned with the Australian medical council objectives Our Qbanks, Recalls bank and self-assessments: Your All-in-One Partner for AMC Exam Success !
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Your all-in-one AMC Exam success partner!

Our Qbanks are designed based on the AMC MCQs objectives, carefully Crafting Past 10 years Questions into Real-world medical scenarios.

Our Self-assesments are intricately designed to meet or even surpass the complexity of the AMC that closely mimic the real amc exam . 
We provide you with a comprehensive learning environment facilitating a seamless transition from preparation to examination.

AceAmcQ QBank offers the best question bank for AMC preparation.

AceAmcQ Question Banks

AceAmcQ Qbank contains 6500+ Questions Aligned with Australian medical council objectives. In depth explanations, key illustratrations Summary, tables & Algorithms, along with Key points, Educational objectives and references for further studying.
Practice under Timed and Tutor mode, Randomly & Speciality-wise, Track your performance, Flag and Highlight Questions for later review
Our most awaiting feature Study partner mode (Custom Mode) specifically designed to enhance group learning.

$140/ 6 Months

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Key Benefits

High-yield questions

6500+ high-yield questions and growing each Question addressing objectives from various perspectives for a comprehensive approach.

Lab Values Reference

We Provide A Comprehensive List Of Normal Laboratory Values. It's Designed To Help You Recognize Abnormal Results Just Like What You'll See In The Exam.

Learning Analytics

Our Sophisticated Tracking Software Allows You To Monitor Your Progress Over Time. Utilize data-driven insights to identify areas of strength and weakness, enabling you to focus your study efforts more effectively.

Digital Learning Tools

Take notes and create within the practice exam interface, use the search option to locate content fast, and use color-coding and personalizations to stay organized. Spaced repetition technology ensures you’ll remember more of what you study

Exam Support

Instantly connect with our AMC tutors and instructors providing you support throughout the journey guiding you not only until you pass the exam but till you secure a job and establish your career in Australia.

Great Customer Care

Dedicated, friendly, and reliable customer care service exclusively designed to cater to your AMC exam prep needs.

$130/ 6 Month

Recalls Bank

AceAmcQ Recalls Bank

Payoneer of the 7 years solved Question pools, AceAmcQ has always been the top #1 choice for providing Updated Solved amc past recalls.
Our team of 16 doctors and instructors from Different specialities Dedicated to providing you Quality recalls that can definitely get you a significant edge on exam day.

The recalls featured in our bank are commonly repeated in the exam, with an average of 45-60% of recalls and 70-80% of recall concepts being reiterated. We not only provide answers but also offer detailed explanations for every option, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the concept.
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AceAmcQ self-assessments closely replicate the experience of the actual AMC exam to help you prepare and boost your confidence for the test day. Know when you are ready to take the exam with our self-assessments.
Similar to AMC, each exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions by focusing on the most critical and high yield Concepts. You will have a 3.5 hours to complete each exam.
After completing each self-assessment, receive an approximate 3-digit AMC score based on AMC CAT software data

$120/ 6 Month

Question Bank

AceAmcQ Premium

AceAmcQ is your companion in mastering AMC exam
With AceAmcQ Premium package, it’s not just about studying; it’s about achieving mastery in AMC objectives with precision and clarity. In addition to Question Bank, Premium Package also includes Recalls bank, multiple Self-Assessments and Australian guidelines with a user-friendly interface, tailored exams,Innovative Explanations,summary tables & Algorithms, Performance gauging with numerous others.
 approach your exam with certainty, Our practice conditions closely mirror the real exam, ensuring you’re well-prepared.

Question Bank

Delve into an extensive collection of 6500+ high-yield questions that not only prepare you for the exam but transform the way you think and apply medical knowledge.

Self Assessment

Self-assessments measure your growth, providing you with the confidence that you're on track to excel in the AMC Exam.

Recalls Bank

AceAmcQ Distinctive specialization in providing you with updated solved Question pools for over 7 years. Peer-reviewed, Expert-Solved Each recall can give you a definite edge on the exam day.

The premium package consolidates all AceAmcQ Products for efficient and cost effective preparation

$340/ 6 Months

Question Bank
Recall Bank
Self assessments (3)
Get Access to all AceAmcQ products including QBank, Recalls Bank and self-assessments (3) for 6 months


AMC September 2023 Recalls
63 yo lady sustained blackouts, 15-30s duration, spontaneous recovery, no meds. Normal vitals, ECG. K+ 3.3mmol/L. Bradycardia, asystole, self-reverts.
AMC April 2022 Recalls
Super difficult question. – A middle age woman with 3 episodes of palpitation over the past few months. Apical impulse displaced to left with 3rd heart sound heard at apex in left lateral position. Holosystic murmur heard loudest at apex radiating to axilla. Cause?
AMC june 2022 recalls
A 37yr old woman with persistent nausea & vomiting. Has well- controlled chronic hypertension & hypothyroidism. Dry mucous membranes & CRT is delayed. Thyroid diffusely enlarged. Urinalysis positive for ketones. US reveals 8-wk intrauterine twin gestation. Risk factor for current sx?


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