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AMC September 2023 Recalls

63 yo lady sustained blackouts, 15-30s duration, spontaneous recovery, no meds. Normal vitals, ECG. K+ 3.3mmol/L. Bradycardia, asystole, self-reverts.

AMC March 2023 Recalls

Adult male, stabbed with a knife in the chest. Knife was still in place in his chest.. stable vitals what is the most appropriate management.

AMC June 2023 Recalls

10M w/ exertional fatigue, exercise intolerance x2mo. Denies black/tarry stools, hematochezia, abd pain. diagnosis?

AMC July 2023 Recalls

AMC September 2023 Recalls list blog offers an in-depth exploration of past Australia Medical Council (AMC) exam questions,..

AMC February 2023 Recalls

AMC February 2023 Recalls

4 yo boy brought to see you because of jaundice of eye and intermittent pallor with normal wbc and platelet. only anemia is present with hb 8.0 respiratory viral infection patient marked pallor and splenomegaly.

AMC August 2023 Recalls

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Mother with 12-year-old child requesting screening for familial hypercholesterolemia as her father recently diagnosed to have that and there are many other family members with premature heart diseases. Your action?…

AMC April 2023 Recalls

Aceamcq April 2023 Recalls

37yo man with sudden-onset right arm weakness, headaches, nausea, and dizziness for 2 weeks. No medical history or medication use. Faint rash present. Brain imaging shows acute left frontal infarction with meningitis. Cause?


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