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November 2022 Recalls

45yo man sudden onset skin rash, oral lesion with fever. Not able to eat. Conjunctivae inflamed. Erosion at oral mucosa.

September 2022 Recalls

Women (has a lot of bad habit) and pregnant at twelve weeks, which of these is the worst impact on fetal?

August 2022 Recalls

48 Para3 with stage I hormone receptor-positive lobular breast carcinoma is prescribed with tamoxifen. Has hypertension & hyperlipidemia. Risk of long term tamoxifen therapy?

July 2022 Recalls

68yo woman, slurring speech. history of hypertension, type 2 diabetesmellitus, and bipolar disorder. Medications include amlodipine, metformin, and lithium. Frequent bradycardia and sinus pauses. Next step?

June 2022 Recalls

A 37yr old woman with persistent nausea & vomiting. Has well- controlled chronic hypertension & hypothyroidism. Dry mucous membranes & CRT is delayed. Thyroid diffusely enlarged. Urinalysis positive for ketones. US reveals 8-wk intrauterine twin gestation. Risk factor for current sx?

May 2022 Recalls

91 yr old found dead in aged care facility , known case of cf and ischemic heart disease, you are called to give death certificate, refer to coroner

April 2022 Recalls

Super difficult question. – A middle age woman with 3 episodes of palpitation over the past few months. Apical impulse displaced to left with 3rd heart sound heard at apex in left lateral position. Holosystic murmur heard loudest at apex radiating to axilla. Cause?

March 2022 Recalls

vaccines are given according to corrected gestational age 19-yr-old woman complains of continuous clear, slightly malodorous vaginal discharge. Vagina pH of 6. She is 6 wks postpartum from a vaginal delivery of a stillborn baby. Exam shows a small, red area of granulation tissue on the anterior vaginal wall. Establish diagnosis by?

February 2022 Recalls

32 yr-old woman abdominal pain, nausea & bleeding from the cervix. Dx bicornuate uterus 2 yrs ago. UPT +ve. USG reveals a gestational sac at the upper left uterine cornu & free fluid in the posterior pelvis. Next step?

May 2023 Recalls

55 lady w/ persistent SOB, difficulty in climbing stairs/household chores, fatigue w/o CP, cough, syncope, or LE swelling. Med hx of CTS, hypothyroidism on levothyroxine. Additional physical findings?


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