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How To Prepare For AMC MCQs Exam

In this Guide, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to prepare for the AMC MCQs Examination. AMC MCQs exam is one of the two compulsory exams for those opting via standard pathway (Of course you can skip AMC Clinical, refer to our guide for AMC Clinical).

The AMC CAT MCQ Examination evaluates comprehension of medical principles and application of medical practices across several different Medical specialities, including general practice, internal medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, surgery, as well as obstetrics and gynecology.

The primary focus of this examination is to assess fundamental medical knowledge concerning the comprehension of disease processes, adeptness in clinical examinations and accurate diagnoses, and proficiency in conducting investigations, devising appropriate therapies, and effectively managing medical conditions.

So Let’s Start With the Resources you need to prepare for AMC part 1 :


Having access to a variety of study materials is beneficial, but it can also overwhelm candidates and hinder their preparation progress. It’s important not to get caught up in this confusion and delay the start of your exam preparation. Don’t Get confused with alot of resources in Below section we provide a comprehensive guide on Different Books you can use for your preparation:


The AMC Handbook of Multiple Choice Questions is a major publication designed to assist IMGs prepare for the AMC’s Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Examination. It contains almost 600 Multiple Choice Questions drawn from the AMC Examination banks. The handbook covers all disciplines and clinical categories and contains a complete multidisciplinary 150 question MCQ paper.

Note here that it is an old publication, Many of the Guidelines given in this Book have been changed over the past years, But overall it’s an Amazing Publication by AMC, You can use it to kickstart your preparation journey to get acquainted with Pattern of Questions being tested on the exam. It’s astonishing that even till today many Questions in the Exam are regularly repeated from handbook.

2.John Murtagh’s General Practice, 8e

John Murtagh’s General practice, latest Ed. 8th, has been used by almost all candidates and is the best Book for Amc preparation as its in accordance with the Australian healthcare settings. It’s an Amazing Book covering all the essential subjects, with the most amount of knowledge focusing on essential medical knowledge involving the understanding of of a disease condition, clinical examination and diagnosis; and investigation, therapy, and management.

It is important to note that you don’t need to study this book from cover to cover, you just need to do the important sections. The best way that most candidates prefer is to study it along with Handbook of multiple choice Questions. Use it as a Reference book and refer for the topics you feel insufficient in.

Get JM Companion Handbook, a condensed version of the main medical text ‘General Practice’. It offers a convenient summary of crucial content, making it easy to navigate through topics using the index. This concise book includes review materials, important points, and tables, that you can study and review anytime and anywhere.

There is a list of other different Books as well that you can use for your preparation. For Example some people prefer using Kaplan Step 2CK set instead of John Murtagh’s General practice, there are different other Books like Annotated Multiple Choice Questions, Anthology of Medical Conditions, Good Medical practice, AMC Handbook of Clinical Assessment, Although a Book used for AMC Clinical but some candidates Used for Amc part 1 and passed. This is just for describing purpose, your main reference Books should be those described above , you may refer to other as well.

We will mention some of the Amazing Resources in the last section that you can benefit as well

3.Question Banks

Practicing questions is crucial for effective preparation for the AMC Part 1 CAT MCQ Examination. Emphasizing the utmost importance of practicing questions in preparation for the AMC Part 1 CAT MCQ Examination cannot be overstated. The exam’s multiple-choice format emphasizes the importance of applying knowledge through the use of question banks.Begin utilizing QBanks from the very onset of your preparation. Understand that these exams primarily evaluate your approach to multiple-choice questions. By dedicating ample time to practice and tackling a multitude of questions, you refine and enhance your skills.

At AceAMCQ.com We have Got you 3 Qbanks for Amc part 1 containing more than 8,000 practice MCQs from all the from all the 6 areas of specialities tested on the Exam. Each Qbank is categorized Subject-wise(Gynae, medicine etc), System-wise(like Endocrine, Cardiovascular) in each subjects.

AMC Guide


We recommend you get Qbanks from AceAMCQ.com , Here we have Got you 3 Qbanks with more than 8,000 practice Questions, that you can practice in timed/tutor mode, track your score all along, make your notes, Highlight important points with lots of other features. Choose a Qbank that best fits your need and start practicing it from the first day of your preparation.

Below we describe how can you use Qbanks Effectively:

AMC Guide

How To Use Your Question Banks Effectively?

  • Make The Most Out Of Qbanks Use Them As A Learning Tool On Your First Pass, Qbanks covers most of the topics including basic and advanced knowledge, Guidelines etc. Using Qbank along with a reference resource like JM Uptodate etc is a Good idea.
  • Qbanks Have Pretty Consise And Simple Explanation With High-Yield Points Try To Pick Them Note It Down On Your Book
  • If You Feel Insufficient On A Topic Do Read It From Your Refernce Tool Like Jm Uptodate Racgp Do Read The Guidelines
  • Flag The Questions That You Don’t Understand Read Them And Come Back And Try To Answer Them.
  • Use The Qbank At A Later Stage Of Your Preparation Under Timed Mode That Would Make You Ready For The Exam Day And You Will Feel Confident With Time Management. Again Time Management Is Very Impoartant That’s Where You Need To Pracrice More And More Mcqs. I have seen People not having Good time management, in the end they end up not attempting all 150 MCQs, in which case they end up failing So don’t leave it to luck.
  • In the last days of your preparation Focus on your weak areas, attempt your incorrect Questions.
  • Highlight Important Points In Qbanks So When Come Back Again You Pick Them Right Away
  • Remember that Alone Qbanks are not enough to pass you need to use other resources as well


The AMC MCQ exam is designed to assess a candidate’s understanding of medical concepts and practices relevant to the Australian healthcare system. Australian guidelines ensure that your preparation is in line with the exam’s focus and content.Australian guidelines provide insights into the local medical standards, practices, and protocols. Understanding and incorporating these standards into your study routine can help you answer questions that are specific to the Australian healthcare context.

Clinical Relevance: The AMC exam often includes clinical scenarios and questions that require knowledge of how medical conditions are managed in Australia. Australian guidelines offer detailed and up-to-date information on the management and treatment of various medical conditions, aiding you in providing accurate answers.

Guidelines Are Frequently Updated

The guidelines are regularly updated to reflect the latest advancements and changes in medical practices. Accessing and utilizing these resources ensures that you have the most current and accurate information to answer questions in the exam. It is important to note here that once you study you should check it with the Australian updated guidelines

Studying Australian Guidelines resources is of utmost important, so much that I can’t emphasize enough. Most of the candidates don’t know where to find the Guidelines, and in reality finding all the guidelines in one place is hard, Below we describe some of the resources you can use to study the Guidelines from:

  • Topics from John Murtagh’s
  • eTG therapeutic Guidelines
  • Uptodate
  • Racgp RedBook
  • Australian Websites ( Racgp, Rch, Ranzcog etc)

Digital Subscription for the Guidelines is expensive and most of the candidates can’t afford but don’t worry AceAMCQ has Got you these subscription inside one package including eTG Guidelines, Uptodate, JM collection and lots of others.

Past Recall

Recalls is the most important part of AMC MCQs Exam, According to the Amc website Almost Half of the AMC Multiple choice Questions Pool consists of previously calibrated Questions. This means that 50% of the Questions that appears in the Exam Will be from the past recalls. Note here that this is a rough estimate, You may get upto 90% recalls in the exam or only 10%, Average is 40-50%. We have seen people passing the Exam just by doing recalls, I wouldn’t recommend to just rely on recalls But it is pretty important to do recalls.

In some cases they don’t Give the same exact recalls Question in the exam, they might change/modify the Question a little to trick you but overall the Question will be from the recalls topic, so completely understanding and mastering the Recalls topics is very important, make sure you Study the topic so to not get confused with similar clinical scenarios. Some people just remember the correct option this is not the right approach, we do not recommend this.

Where to get Recalls?

Getting recalls is sometime hard because there is no such a dedicated platform that provide the recalls. Most of the time Recalls are incomplete and you can not find a better version, We recommend you Get at least two years past recalls. Next is Solved Recalls. Solving recalls by yourself is extremely difficult mostly in the early days of your preparation. We recommend you start doing recalls as early as possible. most people leave it to the last 2-4 weeks before exam, in the end they don’t get enough time to do it and end up missing this part. Again there is no single platform where you get solved recalls, most that people shares have unsure and sometimes incorrect answers. We recommend you first verify the answers, because on the exam day you wouldn’t have enough time that’s why most people end up marking incorrect option.

But Don’t Worry! AceAMCQ.com has Got your Back, the only Dedicated platform to providing the Solved recalls bank. The recalls are solved by a team of more than 20 Doctors from different specialities, have Comprehensive explanations with reasons for each option including all the radiological images, beautiful Diagrams ECG tracings, MRIs, CTs, FHRs tracings that are mostly expected on the exam. The recalls bank is thoroughly reviewed by peers and experts, Releasing each months upcoming recalls.

The Recalls are categorized Year-wise and Month-wise currently including extensive recalls bank of solved recalls from 2018- August 2023

You can try a free Trial of the recalls;


Here we describe a short description of the the AMC MOCKS:

Familiarization with Exam Format and Structure: Taking AMC exam mocks allows you to become familiar with the format and structure of the actual exam. It prepares you for the types of questions, time constraints, and overall layout.

Assessment of Knowledge and Skills: Mock exams provide an excellent opportunity to assess your knowledge and skills. They can identify areas of strength and weakness, enabling you to tailor your study plan accordingly.

Realistic Exam Experience: Simulating the actual exam experience with mock tests helps reduce anxiety and nervousness, allowing you to approach the real exam with more confidence.

Practice Time Management: Timed mocks help you practice managing your time during the exam. Learning how to pace yourself and allocate time to each question is crucial for success.

Application of Knowledge: Mock exams require you to apply your knowledge to answer questions, mirroring the critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed for the actual AMC exam.

Identification of Knowledge Gaps: Reviewing the results of your mock exam can help you identify areas where you lack understanding or need further study. This enables targeted and focused revision.

Building Exam Confidence: Successfully completing multiple mock exams and improving your scores gradually boosts your confidence for the actual exam, contributing to better performance.

Track Progress: Monitor your progress by comparing your scores in successive mock exams. Aim for improvement and consistency in performance.

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